Nature/Human Connection

Dear Friends,

Renewal Sunday is here again to nudge us out of bed and invite us to move our
bodies with gratitude for all the goodness that surrounds us. The weeks fly by;
the rainy season’s effect on our gardens and lawns has begun. Soon the sounds
of the mowers will join the songs of the birds in the regular cycle of life that
comforts and entertains me. Get out early today before a downpour forces you

The heart and soul of my weekly writing is connection. Not only a connection
to you, my readers, by sharing my thoughts and activities but also one to myself.
Sitting purposefully each Sunday centers and encourages me to find evidence of
my daily attempts towards the path of personal growth. Writing allows me to
recall challenges, sort out the ways I have reacted to them and find the best way
to express them in my narratives. I welcome and am grateful for feedback.

My eyes are feasting on the beautiful mountains that envelop me each morning.
The setting is the same but different every day. Nature’s and humans’ dynamic
interplay never fails to astonish me. I wonder when we will begin to really under-
stand the magnitude of our relationship and the responsibility we have to work
on reversing our current behavior so generations can continue to gaze in wonder
at majestic landscapes I can see this morning.

May is coming to an end. Memorial Day is being commemorated this weekend
in the U.S. It is a day to remember and thank the men and women who have died
in military service. Afterwards friends and family get together for the “official”
start of summer. Good food, fun and relaxation are the order of the day. Since
summer is short-lived in North America, the opportunities for memory-making
are concentrated and enjoyed to their maximum. Days of seemingly endless sun
encourage outdoor activities and, more importantly, human/Nature connections.

Have a wonderful Sunday and a terrific week, Marietta

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