One way of striking it rich!


Dear Friends,

It’s a beautiful morning here and wherever it greets you, I hope the same is
true for you. Stretch in gratitude for your health, your family and the desire
that encourages you to contribute your efforts to improving your circle of
influence every day. Get out early before the rains of the season arrive so
you have a chance to get in a bit of exercise and breathe in some fresh air.

One of the things I enjoy about walking around town on Saturdays is the
chance to meet and greet strangers and acquaintances as I do my errands. I
feel connected in this way and become more aware of my surroundings and
the changes that are taking place in the community on a weekly basis. It is
also a good time to notice the flowers and colors of the season and how they
are carefully and lovingly displayed in tiniest gardens or ceramic containers.

Yesterday I was in the mood to stop in at the local marketplace. I am not sure
what prompted that desire but I am glad I yielded to the idea because I was
immersed for a while in the vibrant atmosphere created by and for the many
permanent residents of our small town. It was noontime, allowing a glimpse
of people boarding their bus home or sitting at small stalls eating their lunch.
The aromas of typical foods that reached me were tempting. I enjoyed the
banter with the vendors as they sold me their locally-grown produce.

My errands took a welcome detour, one that would not have been possible
if I had gone shopping elsewhere. I found myself peeking into the routines
of people whose daily living is so different from my own. The lotto frenzy
at a small table in a corner of the marketplace was evidence of ticos’ dreams
of striking it rich one day. I weighed whether to get on line and purchase a
ticket then resolved that by living in this charming place, I’m already rich!

Have a terrific day of adventure and a great week, Marietta

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