A simple way to feel vitality

Dear Friends,

Another luxuriously warm sunny morning greets me. A delighted and loud
flock of parrots momentarily interrupts the silence that surrounds me. I am
mesmerized by their tropical colors as they blend with the canopies of the
fruit trees they visit. I move and stretch my body in response to their energy
and know a sublime gratitude for all I have. Get out early today and notice
all the beauty in your own backyards.

For the last several months, I have been contemplating painting a few rooms
in our home but the timing doesn’t seem to work out. I finally realized that
the timing will never work out if I don’t commit to the project by at least
having the supplies on hand! After a couple of days away from home last
week, visiting the equally lovely and verdant nearby counties of Sarchí and
Zarcero, I went yesterday to pick up the paint supplies I had ordered.

Our walls were last painted more than a decade ago. It is hard to grasp that
reality, but there it is. Although the “weathered” look seems to be a popular
new trend in fashion and home fashion, I am longing for the crisp, vibrant
effect a fresh coat of paint will provide. My choice for the kitchen walls is
in the daring yellow hues but if it doesn’t work out, we can always change
it. Painting is an economical way to upgrade our look. I’ll keep you posted.

It is June, the month when fireflies come out in the evening and put on a
spectacular show for us. I remember our niece’s joy when she saw the
flashes for the first time and it always puts a smile on my face. The wonder
and magic in her reaction awakened my spirit. I think of her every time I
walk on our lawn at night in June. It is that same vitality and bliss I hope
to experience when I enter my kitchen after it has been painted.

Have a wonderful day and a joyful week, Marietta

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