A Greeting for Father’s Day 2019

Dear Friends,

The morning that greets me today is just a little bit hazy. My eyes rest on the
red/orange flowers of the delonix regia (malinche) that thrives on the recently
mowed lawn. The vibrant color lifts my spirit and reminds me to appreciate
Nature’s gifts this morning. We are in the rainy season so it is a good idea to
get out early today and stretch our bodies in gratitude and amazement before
today’s downpour!

The most valuable minutes we have are those we have today. We should ask
ourselves some important questions: are we spending time doing what we
can to live a good day and contributing our best efforts to leaving our part of
the world a better place than the one we came to? Are we being authentic?
Are we present in the areas where our input is required? Are we showing up
for the things we have committed to? Are we living life honestly? Can we
sleep easily tonight knowing we did our best today?

Time is our most precious commodity. As the months fly by, I become more
and more aware that our dog, Lila, is getting older. She is walking up and
down stairs, no longer leaping like she did years ago. She is not the only one
getting older, of course, each day brings me closer to my last days too. This is
why I find it vital to spend my days wisely, doing things that really matter to
me and with the people I love. I meditate on what those things are before time
slips away.

We are celebrating Father’s Day in Costa Rica and around the world. The special
energy that fathers bring to a family is often taken for granted. Today offers us an
opportunity to focus on the special individuals who contribute quietly with their
presence and other talents. I have known many special fathers who bring a level
of compassion, creativity and depth of feeling to their loved ones. I especially
salute my father, my husband and my brother today. May you continue to bless
us as you have done year after year with simple but meaningful acts.

Have a wonderful day and a terrific week, Marietta

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