The Process of Ageing

Dear Friends,

It is another beautiful summer morning. The abundance in my life is not
something I take for granted. I delight in waking up from a restful sleep
after an activity-filled Saturday. Get out early and stretch with gratitude,
taking a moment to acknowledge everything in your own life that directs
your journey, even the difficulties that are a part of a meaningful life.

We had the walls in our bedroom painted last week so we decided to sleep
in one of our children’s bedrooms until the paint smell dissipates. In the
morning, I was disoriented by the angle in which the sun was shining on
my face. I rose to close the blinds, but the impact of the extravagant beauty
of Nature invited me to enjoy this different perspective. As I stood at the
window, I felt a tenderness for the weathered wooden fence I walk by every
morning. The old fence has been such a part of the landscape for so many
years, I rarely really see it.

The different view made me pensive. I experienced a sudden nostalgia for
the past. I regret that I have never asked our children what it felt like to wake
up in their room compared to where they are living now. I wonder if my
personal, strong attachment to Nature is as important to them as it is to me.
I am curious to hear their answers. I spent a little time in each bedroom this
week, picking up different sights and sounds in each one. I foresee trips to
local nurseries to buy plants and fill in gaps where roses used to grow!

Yesterday was the semi-annual assembly at the Hogar de Ancianos. It was
also the 41st anniversary of its founding. I made my way to the meeting by
walking through the halls where the residents were enjoying a mid-afternoon
refreshment. One resident reached out to me so I stopped to greet her. She
held my hand tightly and her eyes were animated, communicating what she
can no longer speak.

I am aware of the enormous responsibility we board members share as we
accepted our unanimous re-election for another 2-year term. Although there
have been significant changes and improvements to the Hogar de Ancianos
in the last decade, the Mission and Vision remain the same as they were 41
years ago: protecting and enhancing the quality of life for our seniors. This
noble institution, the administrator, the staff, the board members, and the
many volunteers continue to shape my views on the process of ageing.

Have a terrific day and a wonderful week, Marietta

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