A reason to feel optimism

Dear Friends,

In my normal Sunday fashion, I stepped onto the terrace this morning for
a glimpse at the landscape that rewards and refreshes my eyes. I felt an urge
to look up at the expanse of blue sky dotted with feathery clouds. I heard the
birds “communicating” and watched a butterfly ballet in the garden below.
This scene comforts me as I breathe in all the goodness in the air and greet
the day. Get out early today and enjoy a bit of Nature in your world.

It is almost 10 a.m. Silence reigns for the most part although I can hear the
subdued singing from the small but cohesive choir nearby. As the exuberant
worship music segues to quiet meditation it reminds me to take a moment
to center myself as I prepare for the day and the week ahead. It is amazing
what a few minutes of calm reflection can do to dismiss disturbing thoughts
that my active imagination sometimes summons.

After basking in the joy of clean, newly painted walls for the last few days,
we are now faced with the boring task of decluttering our possessions before
the project can be considered finished. There are no shortcuts! This is the time
I need to be sensible and avoid taking a trip down memory lane as we decide
whether an item is needed, cherished or makes life easier. The bright yellow
paint was an excellent choice for our kitchen!

Now that the kitchen and bedroom are coming together, I am eager to continue
to address areas in our home that can be improved so they increase our quality
of life. As I watered my blooming African violets today, I noticed the thriving
orchid that is responding to my cautious devotion. Creating a home that is a
personal and family sanctuary has become one of my priorities as I age. Seeing
that orchid allows me to be optimistic in thinking I can achieve that goal too.

Have a great day and a wonderful week, Marietta

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