An Outing to a Plant Nursery

Dear Friends,

As my day begins I am filled with gratitude. I am very aware of the world I
inhabit. Nature’s foliage is dotted with flamboyant bursts of purple, red and
orange flowers. The silence of the morning is interspersed with the sweet,
tranquil bird songs. I daydream as I breathe in and stretch in anticipation of
sitting down to write my greeting. Get out early and make the most of the day.

I lived in Costa Rica briefly in 1973 after graduating from high school in New
York. I split my time between my many relatives. Each homestay provided a
glimpse into the different lifestyles and challenges faced by my family and it
gave me the opportunity to compare and contrast life in the two countries. I
can honestly say that the experience taught me a great deal about myself as I
successfully acclimated to my new “geography”.

I never felt deprived in 1973 Costa Rica. The majestic mountains and lush
landscape of late June and July made me feel very connected to something I
had no word for. My family’s desire to show me the country meant that I was
constantly transported to the different micro-climates and outstanding bio-
diversity. I especially enjoyed traversing huge stepping stones across clean
rivers before enjoying a picnic on the banks. I recall that time with joy and
pinch myself every day because I am living my dream of coming home.

Last week we visited a local nursery to purchase several fruit trees to plant
on our property. I wore appropriate shoes and had fun following the expert
through the maze of meticulously cared-for horticultural stock. The outing
reminded me of accompanying my aunt to a nursery in 1973 to select fruit
trees to plant on a farm in Villa (now Ciudad) Colón. Her small car’s trunk
could only take the bags of dirt, the trees would be delivered later.

I thought about that trip on Thursday as we slowly made our way home
with the back of our pick-up truck full of trees that are anxiously awaiting
to be planted in their new home tomorrow. Nothing is quite as fulfilling to
me as sitting on the terrace and observing the trees strategically placed on
our yard. The fertile soil encourages them to survive and thrive as their
presence in return nurtures and feeds my soul. A perfect arrangement.

Have a wonderful day and a terrific week, Marietta

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