A Purposeful and Positive Day

Dear Friends,

I woke up early today. The sun streaming in the window provided warmth
and light. As I inhaled deeply and looked around me, I became aware of
the silence of the morning. I focused my thoughts on how fortunate I am
to be in control of making a loose proposal for how to spend the day. I
cannot know what the reality will be but I began with gratitude as I stretched
and rose. Get out early today and seize the opportunity to make some nice

Yesterday afternoon found me busy working on organizing just a small
section of my office/craft room. In this room, I have a table with an ample
working area that is also meant to store my sewing machine and lots of
supplies conveniently. Unfortunately, the flat surface had become piled high
with items that have nothing to do with sewing and just looked awful. I drew
up a plan for working on this a couple of weeks ago because I respond well
to schedules! I put on some music and began my task with lots of enthusiasm.

The assortment of items on that flat surface amused me for a good while. An
old pencil case filled with tiny stubs of colored pencils transported me back
to the days when the room was our school. If I were more ambitious, I could
sort and organize the inventory and set up my own provisions shop! It would
be fun to see people’s reactions to finding stacks of colored paper, glitter and
glue sharing space with test tubes, magnets and chemicals for science projects.
I also found a modest collection of Beanie Babies that I will not part with but
that I will display properly soon.

I concluded yesterday afternoon by hand washing some still serviceable cloth
bags. As I was hanging them on the line, a clothespin flew out of my hand and
I walked barefoot on the recently mowed, moist grass for a short distance to
get it. The sudden, direct physical contact with the ground instantly connected
me to the Earth. I felt supported in a different way than when I am wearing
shoes on the same grass. My mood became lighter and every cell of my being
felt nourished and calm. It was a day with activities that were purposeful,
repeatable and completely satisfying.

Have a wonderful Sunday and a terrific week, Marietta

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