Writer’s Digest Conference

Dear Friends, It is early in the evening in Queens, New York and I apologize for the late greeting! I hope you all remembered my advice to be grateful, enjoy the day and move around a bit. I spent the last couple of days at the Writer's Digest Conference in Manhattan and just arrived home … Continue reading Writer’s Digest Conference

Renewing Acts of Kindness

Dear Friends, It is a bit hazy this morning. There is a cool breeze in the air and the birds are quieter than other Sundays. I am grateful to greet another day in which I can celebrate the lush, verdant panorama that soothes my eyes. I marvel at the way Nature paints her colors and … Continue reading Renewing Acts of Kindness

Authentic and magical rural experience!

Dear Friends, This morning is representative of many August Sunday mornings in Atenas for me. I am fascinated by the songs of several species of birds that I have been observing for the past few years. I am trying to commit their sounds to memory so I can talk about them with other (more serious) … Continue reading Authentic and magical rural experience!