Rediscovering My Initial Attachment

Dear Friends,

My day began slowly. The aroma of fresh coffee reached me as the I
opened my eyes to the sun’s rays filtering through the blinds. The warm,
gentle breeze brushed the leaves on the branches of nearby trees as small
birds danced all around. Nature is resuming its spell on every side of me.
I feel deep gratitude as I greet the day. Get out early and live a good one.

I went to Atenas center yesterday, as I do most Saturdays. My intention was
to visit the park in order to observe the progress on the construction of the
band shell that has been going on for several months. I had trouble finding
a parking spot, something that never happened 17 years ago when we first
moved here! I was eventually successful and found myself directly on the
side of the church that boasts improvements in the gardens.

My examination of the area reminded me of a conversation a few weeks
ago with friends who were sharing their opinion about the pros and cons
of our county’s continued national and international popularity. We have
permanent residents who enjoy the positive aspects of a small-town that
is replete with friendly, hospitable people. I appreciate the fact that our
home is just far enough and close enough to the town center.

“Downtown” is bustling with activity on Saturdays. Residents shop,
conduct business, enjoy sports activities and also sit on the park benches
gazing at exotic birds, people watching and visiting with friends! I was
motivated to relax and absorb the moments in an engaged manner rather
than moving past them quickly. I felt I was rediscovering my own early
attachment to this lovely place, somewhat muted by years of living here.

Atenas is celebrating another birthday this week, 151 years! There will be
many events during the next two weekends in the town center. La Coope is
also marking its 50th anniversary! Many changes are palpable. It is a good
opportunity to record our progress and our goals. We need to harness the
options that will help us make the most of our unique small-town values.

Have a wonderful day and a terrific week, Marietta

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