Writer’s Digest Conference

Dear Friends,

It is early in the evening in Queens, New York and I apologize for the late
greeting! I hope you all remembered my advice to be grateful, enjoy the
day and move around a bit. I spent the last couple of days at the Writer’s
Digest Conference in Manhattan and just arrived home a few hours ago,
feeling energized and also exhausted!

I had been planning on attending this conference since last year. It was
an opportunity to immerse myself unapologetically in an environment
that was wholly devoted to the craft of writing. It was very comfortable
to be in a community of like-minded people. We had ample chances to
attend lectures; share our progress and goals; and learn from others what
it takes to persevere in the face of continued rejection!

During the three days, there were also many opportunities to socialize
with writers, agents and other professionals involved in the publishing
industry. The amount of information distributed is daunting. I feel proud
to see how much current technology and information I actually do know!
There were plenty of success stories to boost everyone’s morale.

This morning during one of the breaks, I visited a lounge to freshen up. I
was greeted by the sight of an attendant detailing one of the sinks. This
was not surprising. The fact that she was on her knees, humming softly
while carefully drying the metal tubes is what struck me. She was lost in
thought and smiled shyly when she caught my eye in the mirror. As I
left the room I was happy I caught her at her best despite performing a
mundane and probably unpleasant task.

Enjoy your evening and have a wonderful week, Marietta

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