The Prize for Solidarity!

Dear Friends, The morning's sun through the blinds gently coaxed me awake this morning. I felt rested and content after having spent my Saturday in the company of friends and strangers playing Bingo in the Salon Comunal of Cataluña, part of the Tacares district of Grecia. My first cup of Atenas (of course!) coffee was … Continue reading The Prize for Solidarity!

International Day of Peace

Dear Friends, It is a beautiful Sunday here in Atenas. I have been up for several hours thinking of you and seeking inspirational thoughts to share on this day. My eyes travel the landscape and watch the flight of several miniature yellow butterflies attracted to the bushes that line our fence. I am grateful that … Continue reading International Day of Peace

Celebrating Grandparents and More!

Dear Friends, A sunny renewal Sunday morning greets me here in Queens, New York. I can hear the tiny birds chirping happily outside my window. Their song instantly encourages me to focus my attention on the present moment, a short time for quiet reflection and positive intention to live a good day. It is a … Continue reading Celebrating Grandparents and More!