A modern, technological, positive experience

Dear Friends,

Greetings on a Sunday morning in a brand new month! Today, we have
another opportunity to make the best of the day by bringing the best of
ourselves to it. Go outside and renew your spirit by moving and taking
in all the goodness before you. Get in touch with someone who fills you
with energy in case your own is limited right now by issues in your world.

I take care of most of my banking on the internet. While I am here in New
York, however, I do my banking in person.The differences in the banking
procedures between Queens and Atenas abound. The neighborhood banks
in New York include in-lobby kiosk technology that handles about 90% of
the transactions traditionally reserved for the tellers. I am not usually in a
great hurry, so I turn down assistance from the digital ambassadors and
wait for a teller.

Last week I spent a few minutes awaiting my turn to make a deposit with a
teller. I was fascinated by the efficiency with which some patrons walked up
to the self-service kiosks and swiftly completed their purpose. I am not
convinced that these technological tools are fully customer-focused because
I also witnessed clients’ frustration when the beeps indicated that something
wasn’t working. Although it had nothing to do with me, I felt anxious and it
did not encourage updating my irrational rejection of kiosk technology!

The customer service staff (probably formerly tellers) quickly appeared and
assisted clients. In this way, the transactions turned into personalized ones,
completed with a smile and a bit of good-natured repartee. As a student of
human nature, I was entertained by the process and sorry that the teller was
ready for me sooner than I expected. When I got to the window, I realized
that the self-service kiosks allow the teller to talk a few minutes with each
person because the waiting line rarely gets too long. It was a nice added value
that I applaud as a positive way of doing business.

Have a wonderful Sunday and a terrific week, Marietta

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