Celebrating Grandparents and More!

Dear Friends,

A sunny renewal Sunday morning greets me here in Queens, New York. I can
hear the tiny birds chirping happily outside my window. Their song instantly
encourages me to focus my attention on the present moment, a short time for
quiet reflection and positive intention to live a good day. It is a little chilly
where I find myself right now, the transition to fall in the U.S. fully present.
Today is my last day of this visit. I will get out, move my body, breathe in
deeply and acknowledge all the goodness in my life. I hope you do also.

My colleagues at the Hogar de Ancianos have been working for weeks to ensure
that everything is ready for today’s 7th MTB fundraising event in the campus of
that marvelous place. This year to celebrate Children’s Day, there is an activity
for the youngest members of the family to join in the fun in while their adult
counterparts are cycling through the town. The colorful Balance Bike obstacle
course is ready to welcome children as young as 2 who are participating with
their first pedal-less bikes. We are very encouraged to see that even in these
increasingly financially-difficult times, over 1000 cyclists from all over the
country are participating.

Today is a day of celebrations in the U.S. as well! It is National Grandparents
Day. It is a terrific chance to recognize the joy and wisdom that our elders bring
to our life. September is also the month when Costa Rica dresses up in red, white
and blue to commemorate our Independence. The school bands have been
practicing and children are busy making their lanterns to exhibit as they march in
the parades. Despite all the turmoil going on in the world, we remain proud of our
trajectory of peace.

I have found myself enjoying life more enthusiastically as I get older. I make it
my goal to live each day more fully present. I celebrate that I am healthy. Being
alive during these challenging times can sometimes be overwhelming. When I see
toddlers view the world with their sense of wonder, I remind myself how vital it
is to be open and curious about the events that might unfold during the week. I
encourage all of us to give ourselves permission to recapture that sense of wonder.
It is still a wonderful world where a kind word or a smile are still welcome.

May we all have a wonderful Sunday and an excellent week, Marietta

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