The Prize for Solidarity!

Dear Friends,

The morning’s sun through the blinds gently coaxed me awake this morning. I
felt rested and content after having spent my Saturday in the company of friends
and strangers playing Bingo in the Salon Comunal of Cataluña, part of the
Tacares district of Grecia. My first cup of Atenas (of course!) coffee was
followed by a hearty breakfast accompanied by the melodious songs of the birds
in the area. I am blessed and I know it. I take nothing for granted as I welcome
another chance to live a good day. Get out early and count the many blessings
in your life on this day. Stretch your body and breathe in the Earth’s goodness.

I begin my Sundays by reviewing the week’s events to find something to share
with you. Sometimes I read poetry, or listen to music with the goal of uncovering
an insightful quote that will inspire my theme. It often works but more often my
scrambled mind will jump from one idea to another until I realize the time it is
and focus my attention. Today I decided to spend five minutes cleaning out my
purse of all the needless items that were weighing me down. In doing so, I came
across my magnetic Bingo wand and chips that I used for hours yesterday. My
inspiration for today came at once.

Yesterday’s Bingo was organized by community leaders and family members
of a man who was injured when a tree branch struck him in the head several
months ago. His life hung in the balance for weeks and his miraculous (slow)
recovery is very inspiring. He was able to walk to the microphone and give us
an emotional summary of his journey: the physical, mental and spiritual trials
he has encountered. His touching words reached us all; when I looked around
I saw that I was not the only one reaching for a tissue. He and his family have
much to celebrate and look forward to, despite the challenges ahead.

I have often written about the fundraising events we organize every year at the
Hogar de Ancianos. Bingo is one of our most successful events but I can never
play because of the responsibilities that fall on the organizers. Yesterday, I was
able to socialize, have fun, be entertained and eat the type of food I don’t cook
at home. My skills and strategy can use some work because luck and chance
have yet to be on my side! The first bingo caller was wonderful, his heir was
hard to hear in an atmosphere that was full of chatter and interaction, but that
didn’t take away from the overall purpose of the event which allowed us all to
feel good in our solidarity with another human being. That was my prize.

Have a wonderful day and a terrific week, Marietta

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