Old Harbour (Puerto Viejo), Limón

Dear Friends,

The air outside is gently moving the still-green leaves on the trees. We are
welcoming November, my favorite month in this beautiful paradise I call
home. It is the month of sugar cane flowers, transitional rains and a reminder
that the year is coming to an end. I love the rain and the landscape it creates,
but the dry season has its charms too. Get out early today and enjoy all the
gifts of nature, stretch and breathe in with gratitude as you live your day.

Last week, for a few days, I visited Puerto Viejo, Limón with my cousin.
Puerto Viejo has a little bit of everything for every budget: surfing, diving,
snorkeling, street vendors, animal rescue centers, stylish eateries that serve
everything from Caribbean cooking to fusion cuisine and a growing interest
in the vegan permaculture lifestyle. In the colorful, roadside restaurants with
direct views to the beach, I could actually feel the “chill” that is referred to
when people talk about life in Puerto Viejo or other beach towns in Limón.

I loved the streets and shops of the pretty “foreign” town. Efforts to return the
buildings to the original and elegant Jamaican craftsmanship in wood and metal
are in evidence everywhere in this irresistible and mysterious place. Although I
am not well-versed in oceanography, the rollers thundering toward the shore as
we were chatting with a couple traveling by land from Argentina to Alaska, in
the spirit of independence and adventure, were dramatic enough to urge me to
turn just in time to see and capture the sunset that will remind me of this trip.

The province of Limón had been neglected (like Guanacaste once was!) by the
government for a long time. The gorgeous, pristine beaches and rich cultural
diversity are just beginning to emerge as potential important tourist destinations.
Although I have been promoting Costa Rica as a magical place since my child-
hood, I am concerned about the effects of unregulated growth in many places
in our country. Zoning plans, infrastructure projects and community participation
seem to be happening and I will be following developments closely because I
plan to return again and again to this beautiful area.

Have a wonderful day and a terrific, adventurous week, Marietta

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