Lots to Enjoy!

Dear Friends,

The gentle breeze reminded me that the transition period in our country has
begun. My advice this morning is the same as other Sundays: get out early,
move your body in gratitude and let the sun’s rays on your skin activate the
chemical reactions that help meet our daily Vitamin D requirement. I watch
as the birds focus their attention on the tiny bugs in the air. I marvel at the
perfection and synchronicity of their movements as they work together to
find nourishment.

I was a little surprised yesterday when I made my way around the center of
Atenas. The streets were mostly free of cars and I had no problem parking
near my destination. As I was walking, I met a few friends and we caught up
briefly before we each continued with our errands. I love living in this small
town, one that cherishes and embraces the resilient eccentrics that I worry
about if too much time passes without catching a glimpse of them! It’s a
telling detail about how much a part of the community I feel.

The tourist high season has begun. I watched with delight as six French
visitors walked with a map of Atenas in hand seeking a place to eat. They
made their way to Del Mar Cevichería. Marco quickly set up a table for
them and showered them with his excellent customer service skills that
encourage repeat visits. I was energized by the positive atmosphere I felt
as I paid for my take-home meal. The block has become a restaurant row
and hopefully more of us will venture out to support the eateries and take
our tastes buds on an adventure.

As the holidays grow near, we are seeing local groups signing up the
many volunteers they require to organize the activities they undertake in
order to make it possible for many of our children to enjoy the festivities.
The generosity of residents, visitors, and organizations reminds me of the
importance of being and feeling part of something that provides a strong
connection to others all year long. I look forward to the opportunity to
make a small difference in the life of a child.

Have a terrific Sunday and a great week, Marietta

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