Continue Being Optimistic

Dear Friends,

I was greeted by a lovely, invigorating sunny morning. The flight of different
birds all around me reminds me that another opportunity to live a good day is
mine. My gratitude for all that I have soothes my mind and allows me to focus
my energy on the wonderful, ordinary things I often take for granted. I let my
eyes rest on the pink flowers of the sugar cane off in the distance that confirm
that nature is going about its business. Get out and move your body early today.

We are past the middle of November, the time that I traditionally use to reflect
on the months that have ended and look forward to the celebrations that will
usher in a new year. 2019 has been a year that has allowed me to renew some
incredible relationships and make new beautiful bonds. The year has gone by
very quickly, as they seem to as I get older!

Our world has seen some horrible events unfold but our collective optimism
continues to anticipate better days ahead. Positive resolutions to even the most
serious issues confronting us at home and abroad will require changes, adjust-
ments and engagement from everyone. Here in Costa Rica, we will be choosing
82 mayors in February, in an important election that demands that we make our
opinions known at the polls.

Local authorities have a significant responsibility for how they use the budgets
handed to them. They act on our behalf and represent the citizens that vote them
into office. If we don’t exercise our right, we are allowing small groups and their
interests to advance in their goals. I am hopeful that participation will be at a
record high next year and will do what I can to encourage people to make their
voices heard at the local level, where it matters most.

Have a terrific day with lovely people and a great week, Marietta

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