A Message of Gratitude

Dear Friends,

The bark of a single small dog in the neighborhood disrupts the silence of
a tranquil Sunday morning. Despite the annoyance, my list of things to be
grateful for is long. As I breathe in the brisk morning air, I welcome a deep
serenity that will cradle me through the day. Get out early today and enjoy
all that life is offering you right in your own backyard!

I don’t need to consult a clock or look at a calendar to confirm that time is
passing…and quickly. Just a look at the landscape’s physical changes lets
me know that the transition to the dry season is taking place. It is time for
the end of year commotion and festivities; a time for gathering with family
and friends to celebrate being able to spend time together.

Thanksgiving in the U.S. is Thursday. As I have mentioned to you year
after year, it is my personal favorite of all the holidays. It is an entire day
devoted to sharing a meal that takes a long time to prepare and fills the
house with the scent of nostalgia that chopped onions, celery and garlic
sautéing in butter evoke. I miss the days when our children were close by
helped with the preparations. Those sweet memories are rekindled for
me each year and I hope for them as well.

The basic ingredients for living a good life are very simple. Taking a little
time each day to appreciate and celebrate the many things in your life can
invite even greater magnificence to enter it. I am grateful for each one of
you who allow me to take up some of your time every week as I share the
events of my days. I do not take this gift for granted. May you be blessed
and loved today and always. Thank you for being a part of my life.

Have a wonderful Sunday and a terrific week, Marietta

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