A Celebration in the Park!

Dear Friends,

What a beautiful, sunny morning greets me! Despite the chill in the air, I
feel warmed when I remind myself that the holiday spirit is in evidence
everywhere I look. Although chaos and spending are also part of the
scene, it is important to focus on what is really important. Get out into
Nature today, even the shortest contact will bring you a sense of peace
and wonder that opens the door for deep connections with others around

Today is the beginning of the last month of 2019. It is time for me to
devote the last few weeks of the year reviewing the items left on this
year’s agenda to determine what can be reasonably prioritized and
completed. I have begun to think of my lists as suggestions instead of
orders since it is difficult to predict when unexpected events will happen.
A surprise visit from a friend can disrupt a schedule but it can also
produce a magical interaction just when you both need it.

The next few weeks will find us all busy with the activities of the season.
We might be receiving visitors or making plans to travel to see our
families. Taking time from our normal routines to decorate our homes,
make special traditional foods and cope with snarling traffic as we search
for perfect gifts should also inject us with optimism and kindness, a return
to the true spirit of the season. We need to remember to take care of
ourselves by getting enough rest and nourishment also.

The central park of Atenas was booming yesterday when I made my way
through town as families enjoy the Christmas Festival in the park. There
are activities all day today also and the official inauguration of our newly
completed recreational area is at 7 p.m. with a theatrical production, the
lighting of the tree and spectacular fireworks. Don’t miss this opportunity
to enjoy a lovely December evening with friends in the community.

As I look out my window, I observe the calm, clear sky and breathe in the
preciousness of the present moment. I am grateful to be alive because this
day holds the promise of an abundance of birds that will display their
colors magnificently for my eyes to behold and my camera to capture.

Have a wonderful day and an inspiring week, Marietta

Photo Courtesy JScott

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