A Seasonal Greeting!

Dear Friends,

As the year comes to a close, I read over some of my Sunday messages and
your feedback and find myself extremely humbled by your kind words. It’s
been a good year for me and I hope that most months in your own lives have
had more ups than downs. As always, I encourage you to get out early today,
to enjoy some movement and relaxation even if you are rushing about getting
those perfects gifts bought and wrapped.

The mood in our little town is joyous. Even though mayoral elections will be
coming up in early 2020, the directive of no campaigning during the holidays
is a welcome respite for us all. We will enjoy our family traditions and hope-
fully use this political silence to ruminate on the candidate we feel will be the
best option. Our participation in the electoral process is something we must
never take for granted especially when it comes to the local government that
affects our lives most directly.

Friday night’s Festival of Lights in Atenas was well-attended. The celebration
continues all day today as well with music, food and crafts offerings filling
the tents in the park. It is a wonderful time to be visiting our town; the true
feelings of generosity and kindness are present everywhere, accompanied by
the aromas and lights of the season. Last-minute shopping is made possible
and there are many unique offerings that will delight and surprise everyone.

The last few weeks have brought many new faces and familiar returning
ones to Atenas. The many new coffee shops are celebrating arrivals that
become enchanted with our special climate, friendly residents and tasty
local products. I am an unabashed devotee of Costa Rica and Atenas.
Nothing makes me happier than listening to a new arrival comment on
the beautiful colors of a tiny hummingbird or the contrasting hues in
our spectacular sunsets. I will try to remember to look at one today.

Whatever tradition you observe, I send my very best wishes for a joy
and peace this week, Marietta

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