Municipal Elections are Near!

Dear Friends,

What a lovely Sunday greets me! As I prepare to live a day that will be
busy and fruitful, I am mindfully taking a minute to breathe in and out,
stretching my body in gratitude for all the beauty that surrounds me. I
urge you to join me in releasing yesterday’s baggage as we welcome the
new opportunities this day brings us to enjoy our life. Spend part of the
day outdoors if the weather permits and notice Nature’s palette.

I have been busy the last hour or so, reading inspirational essays while
listening to beautiful music that conjures fond memories and emotions.
One writer’s biography mentions traveling to five continents in search
of the world’s greatest coffee! I feel extremely fortunate that I need not
go far to enjoy the best coffee (from Atenas, of course) in the comfort of
my home. It is a daily blessing that I do not take for granted.

On my errands yesterday, I noticed that the center of town was unusually
empty for a Saturday morning. I had no problem finding a parking spot. I
had several stops to make and decided not to employ the usual breakneck
speed that identifies me as a New Yorker! Instead I paused and matched
the speed of other people who were walking leisurely to their destinations
(bus stop, hardware store, lunch spot in the marketplace). I enjoyed the
change immensely.

When I was sauntering back to my car, I noticed with some concern that
there are too many empty retail spaces in the area. I also saw giant, costly,
creative campaign posters displaying the hopeful candidates for mayor in
our town. These local elections are very important. Our participation is one
way to make our voices heard on February 2, 2020. Local leaders determine
what priorities will be addressed to ensure that Atenas will have a brighter
future. It is a privilege to be able to vote. Let’s be as informed as possible on
the candidates so we can make an educated selection (

Have a wonderful day and a great week, Marietta

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