A Welcome Sensation of Bliss!

Dear Friends,

I begin writing early today, fully aware that while it is pretty quiet now,
the winds will soon pick up and I will be observing the trees sway in the
distance. The sun, the sky and the songs of the birds remind me daily of
how fortunate I am to be living a life I truly enjoy in a place I love. My
healthy and tasty Sunday breakfast (thanks to my husband) nurtures
both my body and soul and energizes me for the day ahead. Get out
early today and move your body as you prepare to live a good day.

Yesterday I began my day with a few chores that I have been putting off
for a while. One task was to clean some windows. Once I began that job,
it was only natural to consider cleaning a mirror or two. Even though I do
have a pretty flexible agenda, it is difficult to prioritize this task. I tackled
it because the sunshine was not coming right in like it should! For fun and
future reference I timed myself. One large window took about 10 minutes.
The results (a better view and a self-esteem boost) stayed with me all day!

It is hard to believe that almost five years ago I was excited to paint my
office, get new curtains and address some of the clutter that was part of
the decor of the day! Five years! It doesn’t seem possible. The paint is
holding up well but I feel the curtains need to be changed. The color and
the heavy fabric no longer appeal to me. These days I am all about bold,
botanical prints that invite creativity and joy to the hours I spend there.
I am looking forward to investigating options and inspiration.

It snowed in New York yesterday. The pictures friends posted on their
social media (from indoors!) made me feel that the snow had turned the
volume down in the world. It was a lovely, momentary sensation of bliss
that was interrupted by a flock of talkative, colorful parrots that reminded
me of how wonderful it is to experience Nature wherever we live. As I end
my narrative for today, I gaze at the cloud cover that permits me to sit out-
doors for a little while and be grateful for another day.

Have a beautiful Sunday full of goodness and a terrific week, Marietta

photo my own

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