Volunteering Can Help Us Age Gracefully!

Dear Friends,

I began writing a little late this morning. The effortless soar of a single black
vulture has captured my attention all week. I have wanted to photograph it
but it disappears too quickly. I envy its perspective high above me, but I am
happy that it brings me to the terrace where the gentle breezes invite me to
stretch and gaze at the magnificent colors of the morning. Although the land-
scape is now more desert than jungle, I can still feast on the bright yellows
and oranges of the season. Get out early today and enjoy your view.

Yesterday was our semi-annual assembly at the Hogar de Ancianos. I have
attended these events for more than a decade, first as a member of the asso-
ciation and in the past few years, as part of the Board of Directors reporting
progress on the short and long term plans we undertake each calendar year.
One of those projects was correcting the slope of the facility’s ramp. I am
happy that we continue to provide quality care that enhances the lives
of the people we serve. It is a privilege to have such an institution in our
small county.

On my way to the conference room, I observed the residents and staff as
they went about their daily routine. I noticed that all the residents were nicely
dressed and groomed. The ones who are mobile were enjoying their afternoon
snack in several rooms set up for that purpose. The others were assisted by the
staff who greeted me warmly as I approached them. I walked behind a worker
who was transporting a food cart along the ramp without excessive effort. An
improvement over the past when frequent rest stops were necessary.

It takes a lot of people to run this institution seamlessly. Aside from the staff,
administrators and board members, the Hogar is fortunate to have a group of
volunteers who meet once a month to schedule daily visits that address the
need for our residents’ social interaction. It is evident that they look forward
to conversations while they get the haircuts, manicures and pedicures that the
volunteers take care of. By freely giving their time and energy to the Hogar,
the group has formed a community, is having fun and is aging gracefully!

Have a wonderful, fun-filled day and a terrific week, Marietta

picture of landscape my own!

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