A Desirable Every Day Environment

Dear Friends,

A lovely morning greets me and answers my need to be surrounded by
Nature’s beauty. I am aware of birds flying, dogs barking in the distance,
the sounds of music coming from a radio in the kitchen, and the rhythmic
breathing of our dog as she lays by my feet as I write. I feel blessed with
all the goodness in my life. I urge you to go out and take in all the great
aspects of your neighborhood early today.

In a consensus of hope, many of my neighbors and I have already visited
our assigned polling locations to cast our vote for county mayor, district
representatives and municipal council members. Although the number of
people I ran into was not as large as I would have liked, it was very early
and traditionally people often wait until after church to vote. It is widely
speculated that turnout will be better this year. The hopeful candidates
have emphasized the importance of participation in local elections.

I did my usual Saturday errands yesterday, braving more traffic than I have
had to in recent weeks. Walking down the streets proved to be spiritually
uplifting for me. I saw Jimmy, our colorful visitor from Canada, cheerfully
working with his broom and dust pan along the street gutters near the park.
He engaged several people in conversation. Since I do not enjoy being
barefoot (even indoors), I was shocked to see that Jimmy was standing
barefoot on the extremely hot pavement. My admiration for his dedication
to our town and the environment increases every season.

I was struck by how many pedestrians were walking around yesterday. They
were enjoying the creative visual displays of the shop windows. All around
us were cars and people openly displaying the distinctive colors of their
political affiliation. It was nice that fragments of civil (good-natured even)
conversations reached my ears as I walked by. I felt more completely human
as I returned to my car. We all want a more desirable every-day environment.
Let’s demand that our elected officials set in motion projects to achieve it.

Don’t forget to vote today. Have a great day and week, Marietta

photo of Jimmy my own

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