Compassion Won!

Dear Friends,

On this early Sunday morning, with the promise of a hot day taking shape, I
am grateful for all the wonderful activities and people that the tourist season
brings to me and to our beautiful town. The breezes add vigor to my days. I
am filled with optimism and good will, feelings that seem to be reflected in
the people with whom I interact. Get out early today and enjoy the simple or
intricate visual offerings you encounter!

I missed the 11 a.m. bus returning to Atenas on Friday morning by less than
30 seconds. As my taxi pulled into the Coca-Cola bus depot in San José, the
motto “El Mejor Clima del Mundo” bid me farewell with a (harmless?) trail
of white smoke. My father had cautioned me that I was probably not going
to make that bus and was somewhat concerned that the next bus wasn’t until
noon which meant I would have to wait around in an area that’s notoriously
unattractive and could be unsafe!

I searched for a place to sit and found a spot between a woman talking on her
cell and a man reading the paper. They were laden with suitcases and bags,
awaiting the 11:30 Orotina bus. In these situations, I enjoy people watching.
The time passes quickly and there is much to observe for people like me who
enjoy writing about these singular experiences. A snack vendor from Haiti (I
asked him) made his rounds while a duo from the Andes (my guess) cheered
us with their music. I smiled in appreciation, dropped a coin in a hat.

A homeless but educated (he told us) young man from Liberia said he was
hungry. I had packed a carefully-chosen Fuji apple in my bag. I hesitated
giving it up. I am fussy about apples. I rarely see Fuji apples in such prime
condition in San José. I had paid a whopping 900 colones for it! I was really
looking forward to that dense, crisp first bite. In the end, compassion saved
the day. I felt good as I heard the unmistakeable crunch as he retreated and
I would have asked his opinion but by that time, the noon bus was boarding!

Have a wonderful day and a terrific week, Marietta

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