Persevering Despite Setbacks

Dear Friends,

I sit near the open door looking out at the landscape. The morning’s still-gentle
breeze sways the tall bamboo in our small forest. It is impressive how flexible
the bamboo is despite how firmly rooted the trunks are. They are hollow and
yet their foundation is solid. They don’t fight against the wind, but dance with
it. This combination of strength, pliability and elasticity encourages me to think
of the routines in my life that might have become too severe.

As I think back on my life, I recall how deeply attached I have always been to
Nature. The evening of December 1963 when we got to New York will always
be a lucid memory. It was my first experience of really cold weather (23Deg F
according to the Old Farmer’s Almanac) despite the fact that San José during
December also had (and continues to have) strong winds and cool evenings. A
short ride in the taxi with the warmth of the radiator was a great relief to me. I
did not thrive in New York winters, I simply got through them, for 35 years!

The last two decades have rewarded me with countless days of joy. Most of my
greatest moments have taken place in Nature. Even though much of my daily
life is spent inside, I take a moment every few hours to distance myself from
my preoccupations and observe the perfectly flowing path of a bird gliding in
the sky. It seems to have no obstacles. It follows a familiar path, curving this
way and that until it arrives at a destination too far for my eyes to see. I return
my attention to the mundane, necessary tasks of my day with renewed energy.

Every so often, I am concerned that I am still unclear what my legacy will be.
Even though I try to be organized, my everyday life sometimes feels a bit
scattered. I transition from one thing to another in an effort to accomplish a
lot every day. I am an efficiency fan, scolding myself silently in the evening
when personal pockets of inefficiency appear. Then I remember that even in
Nature, progress is gradual. Like those gracefully-bending bamboo branches
in the distance, our potential for growth is remarkable and begins with our
commitment to persevere despite setbacks.

Have a wonderful day and a terrific week, Marietta

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