Paying Attention to the Changes

Dear Friends,

Greetings on a beautiful Sunday morning! The splendor of the day
emerges with the gentle breeze that sways the canopy of a single tree
that colors the cloudless sky directly in front of me. I pause to listen
for the birds that call to each other. Their movements divert my eyes
from that single tree to the pink flowers of the tabebuia rosea in my
neighbor’s yard. The stunning blooms are a feast for my eyes. Get out
early today, move your body and take a good look at Nature’s colors in
your neighborhood.

In the past several months, the Municipality of Atenas’ Department of
Transportation (UTGVM) engineers have been studying our traffic flow
and infrastructure in order to develop the most efficient way to move
traffic and avoid the congestion problems we have experienced in the
last few years, especially at peak hours. I know this because I have seen
the surveyors with their measuring tools on the side of our roads for many
months when I head in or out of the county on my weekly trip to San José.

Although I am not as involved as I once was with the daily happenings of
the county, my occasional visits to the Municipality’s social media pages
keep me informed of monthly activities, programmed events and updates
for on-going projects. I am able to read people’s reactions and comments
(often negative) to just about everything undertaken by our local council.
The most critical people are unresponsive when asked to volunteer for
committees but sufficiently stimulated to react when it is too late!

Yesterday during my weekly local outing, I noticed freshly-painted road
signage which assuaged my hunger for order from the every-day chaos
our local roads. Our drivers have been on autopilot for years with our too
narrow, two-way streets. Yesterday was a wake-up call to us all and despite
the barriers meant to channel unaware drivers into the new traffic patterns,
I witnessed deliberate disregard which almost caused an accident. On the
road, as in life, a wrong turn can have calamitous results. Watch yourself
out there!

Have a wonderful day and a great week, Marietta

Traffic Map from Municipality of Atenas Facebook Page

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