International Women’s Day Celebrations!

Dear Friends,

I usually devote a few minutes to sit and contemplate a landscape that draws
the muse before I begin writing my message. Today, the warm wind is strong,
the trees are swaying with abandon and the coffee-colored patches of grass
confirm that we are in the dry season. I am filled with gratitude for all the
goodness in my life. I return indoors, closing windows and doors to prevent
the scattering of papers from tabletops and paintings from walls. Get out
early today and enjoy a bit of Nature’s sunshine before the day gets away.

Today is International Women’s Day. The theme of this year’s celebration is
#EachforEqual. I was brought up in a family of strong, hard-working people,
male and female. The stereotypical gender occupations were largely absent
due to the fact that there was so much to do on a daily basis and no one was
excused from fully participating. As a child, I remember watching my uncles
iron their uniforms and my aunt changing tires! I am grateful for that expo-
sure because it allowed me to recognize possibilities beyond gender-imposed
labels. It is hard for me to understand why equality still slips away worldwide.

I enjoy reading success stories of any kind. This week I cut down on my social
platform time to watch videos of women’s successes in direct market selling. I
am an unabashed lover of beauty products. I have been since my teenage years,
especially after I was given permission at about age 16 to start using clear nail
polish! It became a gateway to my passion for cosmetics and perfume, though
I still mostly wear clear nail polish! In watching videos this week, I realized
how much successful direct selling relies not only on confidence and devotion,
but a real belief in the product and an attitude of fun and appreciation for
the customers.

In my limited spare time (limited because I commit to so many things!), I
enjoy perusing glossy magazines that transport me to destinations I may
never visit. I recently realized that my interest in learning about other
cultures and cuisines has accidentally prevented me from investigating the
cuisine of my own country! A recent visitor praised a typical food she ate in
a local restaurant and asked me casually if I could share a recipe. I was
embarrassed to admit that I have never learned how to cook too much typical
“tico” food. I do believe in equality, so this is a failing in my personal catalog
that I expect to correct in the coming months!

Have a wonderful day of celebrations and a great week, Marietta

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