A New Dance, A New Step!

Dear Friends,

Like every other Sunday, I am grateful to wake up to a sunny morning that
reminds me I enjoy the gifts of my health, my family, my pet, my home
and the wonderful network that is my community. In these times that seem
uncertain, we are wise to embrace and accept that even difficult days can
bring positive results. I won’t encourage you to go outside today because we
all need to cooperate with instructions from our authorities but we can still
devote a few minutes to meditate and reflect on all the good things we have.

The March weather in Atenas, with its dry grass and strong winds, has been
a great challenge to our firefighters as wildfires spread across the county in
the last few days. Firefighters and volunteers bravely combated the flames
that destroyed upscale and modest homes with equal ferocity. Fortunately
no loss of life has been reported this year. Countless displays of cooperation
and generosity support my theory that we work best together, especially in
times of crises. I am inspired by the solidarity evident, proud to live here.

Although it is difficult to think of our current situation with COVID-19 as
anything but catastrophic, it is important to face this test with composure.
We are learning a little more every day and we have to trust in our ability to
bring the best of ourselves (awareness, courage, power to choose) so we
can help with the healing process instead of alarming ourselves and those
who surround us with unfounded fearful responses. This is not the time to
blame, criticize or give up. The universe is asking us to plan and show up.

Four years ago, I was in Cuba. I was struck by the daily challenge it was
to find staples like water, eggs, rice, or fruit in the stores. I stood in awe
of the Cuban citizens who accepted their reality with good humor. I was
intrigued by the ability of most of them to submit to a lifetime of scarcity
with serenity. When I returned home, I was grateful beyond words to have
been able to participate in a dance of life so different from my own. There
is much to be done, let’s bring new perspectives to this challenge.

Have a peaceful, healthy day and a great week, Marietta

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