A New Use for Digital Technologies

Dear Friends,

It is a lovely Sunday morning. The air is serene, peaceful. The quiet is
interrupted by the intermittent sound of a bird pecking at my window.
It disturbs my reverie and demands my attention. I look through the
pane and see that the bird is carrying nest-construction material. The
pecking is in response to a rival bird encroaching: his own reflection!
The world of birds and Nature keeps turning, the present is their only

I would like to invite you all to take a moment to stretch, indoors. We
are collectively awakening to new days and ways of interacting using
technologies that are redefining virtual communities and organizations.
The power of digital technologies to divide us has long been under in-
spection but now we have an opportunity to learn to use the resources
wisely. Millions are participating in daily virtual events to persevere.

The last couple of weeks have challenged all of us. No matter where we
live, we are being asked (or directed) to change our habits and routines.
Some of us have accepted this reality with composure, trusting that the
experts are guiding us correctly. Some of us are reacting with fear and
anger, toxic components that help no one right now. I am hopeful that
all of you who read me each week are healthy and will remain that way.

The worldwide situation has also exposed our ability to be brave, to be
creative, to be generous and to cooperate so we can begin the collective
work to find a cure for this virus. I have been staying close to home as
instructed. The digital technologies allow me to choose where to focus
my awareness. I have witnessed local, national and international efforts
that confirm my belief in the narrative of a future where we unite with
dignity to build something beautiful after grieving what we have lost.

Have a lovely day indoors, and a good week, Marietta

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