Practice Extreme Self-Care

Dear Friends,

The day begins quietly. I look out the window and notice the
oak-brown grass that covers most of our lawn. My ears pick up
the sound of several tiny hummingbirds chirping their song as
they quickly fly from one sun-parched flower to another. Even in
this heat, Nature provides the nectar that energizes their dance.
I stretch and breathe deeply, mindful of Nature’s confirmation
that despite our collective distractions, her magic is still brewing.

A new normal, not entirely welcome, is making its way around
the world. It is important to look for positive outcomes in these
cloudy days. The ghost towns we are living in and seeing on our
various screens will not remain that way forever. We need to use
this interruption to imagine what we want our life to be like when
we can finally return to our daily routines. I have heard and read
many positive stories of people finally getting around to tackling
projects they never had time to before.

On the other hand, I have also been entertained by the confessions
of people who admit they can no longer use not having time as their
excuse for not getting more things done. I think this universal pause
is a golden opportunity for introspection. This is true for us regular
folk as well as our leaders. It is my hope that they will devote time to
the kind of honest soul-searching that will benefit us all. We and they
need to awaken from the unsustainable coma we have all been in.

It is easy to fall victim to negativity especially when the stories we
allow to enter our homes are negatively-constructed narratives that
heighten our sensitivity to the anxiety of the world right now. After a
steady diet of that, we lose our ability to find alternate ways to cope.
I urge all of us to practice extreme self-care at this time. For me, it
means reading uplifting literature and listening to music while sip-
ping a cup of tea. That’s my idea of leisured coziness. What’s yours?

Have a great day, follow guidelines and stay healthy, Marietta

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