Easter Sunday / Passover

Dear Friends,

Like almost every Sunday morning, I am greeted by an array of vistas
and a symphony of sound emerging from several species of birds. It is
Easter and also the fifth day of Passover. It is a day normally focused
on family and friends gathering together to celebrate and feast. It is
traditionally a time of rebirth and joy. But the sobering reality is that
“normal” and “traditional” as we defined them in the past have been
altered in the face of our present collective experience world-wide.

My goal on Sundays has always been focused on providing my readers
a narrative that is optimistic and/or illuminating. You know me as a
cheerleader for family, community, and Nature. Regardless of how
dark things seem, I feel there is always a silver lining that might just
need deep hunting to find. In this pandemic, I think the silver lining
is the opportunity (or mandate) to sit alone with an entirely different
set of priorities. The isolation is encouraging us to examine our life
when presented with extreme and sudden changes to daily routines.

I don’t know about you, but my days blur together. Even though my
life for the last two decades has been mostly carried on indoors, it
has been by choice. I was able to come and go as I wanted. Modern
life in this idyllic setting meant I could spend many hours focused on
my projects and do my errands when the need arose because commerce
had long business hours. The sudden arrival of restrictions has shown
me the things I truly took for granted and miss in my life.

Authorities in Costa Rica have been implementing measures to ensure
the curve flattens. The timing is unpredictable, we are told, and will
depend largely on our compliance. We have been warned, however,
that we might experience a flattening and then a resurgence so we need
to plan for long-term lockdown. It is surprising to me how many of us
casually defy restrictions to the detriment of us all. Time passes, so will
this. A silver lining in Costa Rica is that we are good at waiting, it is one
secret to our endurance that I wish would cross borders.

Have a good Easter/Passover, stay indoors and safe, Marietta

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