A Time For Deep Reflection

Dear Friends,

It is a hazy day where I am. I can make out the majestic hills in the
morning light and I wonder, not for the first time, what our neighbors
across the way see from their vista. We are beginning another week of
following national and local recommendations related to Covid-19.
Time passes quickly despite this worldwide pause we are experiencing.
We can still stretch, breathe, practice self-care and be grateful for the
everyday kindnesses we witness.

I think we can all agree that life as we knew it will never be the same.
The issues faced by those who have always struggled silently are no
longer easy for the rest of us to ignore; in very concrete ways we are
seeing how connected we truly are. We needed to change our priorities.
This event has transformative, mysterious powers that we would be
foolish to ignore. It is time for deep reflection and conversations. Our
leaders have to use the learnings from this pandemic to create tangible,
positive changes that serve the entire world.

We have been given these days to recharge. The front-line workers,
who normally face challenges, are showing their capacity to make
every day extraordinary by risking their health in order to keep the
rest of us safe. There is much to grieve but this springtime is also
urging us to begin asking deeper questions and forcing us to rethink
our journeys. Our daily routines are changing. We are noticing how
much waste we have accumulated. We are finding ways to minimize,
manage and eliminate it. All these are good things.

I have never been a fan of gloom literature but I understand why it is
a popular genre in our world. The future is unknown, it always has
been. Our job, I feel, is to step up with awareness, commitment, action
plans and optimism. We need to support one another and make sure
that we make the changes a permanent part of our lives. A slower,
simpler way of life is possible and a very needed foundation. As we
begin another week, let us remember to appreciate those we may
have taken for granted. Tell those you love that you do so, today.

Enjoy a good, safe day and a slower-paced week, Marietta

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