Be Part of a Solution, Not a Jury

Dear Friends,

The day begins like they usually do here in Atenas. The sun is shining,
the gentle breeze sways the bamboo and the strength and length of the
birds’ tuneful presentations encourage me to lift my eyes and watch the
clouds move slowly above me. I celebrate Nature, the permanence of its
cycles are a reminder of renewal, both in the Earth and in ourselves. Take
a moment to stretch, breathe in and out, anticipating a good day, indoors.

Every day, as we learn more about the virus that is affecting the world, we
are faced with the reality of our connection to each other. We are troubled
by the evidence of how many people have been struggling with problems
(no running water, corrupt politicians, no economical resources) we rarely
think about. Renewal right now might feel scary, violent, and destructive.
We need to galvanize our resourcefulness in these turbulent times.

Everywhere I look, I see many examples of groups and individuals taking
action from a place of compassion, generosity and optimism. I am inspired
by the idea of working towards the collective good in whatever small way
I can. Locally, there are projects that benefit families in need because of a
loss in income or health. It is easy to contribute groceries at checkout, a
tiny gesture from me that makes a big difference in a family with small
children, for example. I am grateful to be able to do it.

Last week, we learned that a member of our Atenas community has tested
positive for Covid-19. We don’t know where the person was infected.This
case triggered collective anger, anxiety and judgment. Our local Caja boss
reacted quickly, shocked by the town’s reactions. She reminded us that any
person infected with the virus is undergoing an unknown personal journey.
They need treatment, isolation and compassion. In this new journey, we
are called on to be part of a solution, not part of a jury.

Have a great day and week; stay safely indoors if you can, Marietta

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