A Revealing Hibernation

Dear Friends,

The screeching of the parrots that normally fly over our home is absent this
morning. I wonder where they are hiding and walk to the terrace to see if I
can catch sight of at least one of them. While perusing the landscape I
observe the patches of green grass dotting the otherwise-brown lawn. It is
amazing how quickly Nature revives the grounds after just a couple of good
downpours. I stretch in gratitude and despite the restrictions imposed on us,
we can still spend time focusing on the good things going on in the world.

I ventured to the center of town yesterday to get some necessary provisions
for the week. During these unusual times, I can no longer complain about not
finding a parking spot. The streets were empty of cars and pedestrians. To be
honest, I enjoyed driving slowly. I savored the moments as I passed small
shops I had not noticed before. I felt unexpected joy when I saw Carmelina,
our barefoot town angel, making her way bit by bit across the street without
the peril of being struck by a car.

We are in the midst of a universal wake-up call. It is sometimes difficult for
me to come to terms with the fact that just two months ago, I was considering
travel dates that would have placed me in congested airports and airplanes at
this time. I have always enjoyed that particular travel experience; the feeling
of being in a bubble, of sharing a communal experience with fellow travelers.
Naturally, I (and they) took our safety for granted as we browsed through our
bestsellers while we floated above the clouds. The prospect of wearing a face
mask on future trips is a stark reminder of how our life has changed.

The month of April is an important one in our family. We celebrate birthdays,
anniversaries and welcome spring. We are each living a time of transformation.
It is a mystery, this journey. Every day we learn more about the virus, and also
about the capacity of humans to embrace each other in authentic connections
that go beyond the physical. I am very optimistic that the lessons we learn now
will stay with us going forward. This hibernation brings surprising revelations
that can help us make better personal decisions of how and when to re-engage.

Have a wonderful day and a safe, quiet week, Marietta

One thought on “A Revealing Hibernation

  1. Ahhhh, yes, I remember Carmelina, the bare-footed angel. So kind of you to mention her. And, I truly believe, YOU are an angel, as well. Thanks for writing such a wonderful, positive piece. As always, you lift the spirits! Thank you.

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