A Different Celebration

Dear Friends,

The morning’s sun greets me as do the energetic calls from the birds outside
my window. Closer inspection allows me to see that the frequent trips made
near our roof are to a well-established nest that is home to a new family! I
confess I tried often to discourage that place from becoming their habitat but
they won (again) this season. I smile, breathe deeply and gratefully accept
that my love of nature means enjoying the roses, thorns (droppings) and all!

We lost our internet service late last night. Since this is not such an unusual
situation recently, I fully expected that everything would be back to normal
this morning without any need to make a report. It was not. I waited for about
30 minutes before I was finally connected to an operator who could take the
information. She was very professional as she related that due to Covid-19,
there were questions I needed to answer before the technician came. It was a
reminder of how our lives and routines have changed, probably forever.

Yesterday I went for a short ride into the center of Atenas. I drove on familiar
streets, paying attention to the blooming seasonal flowers; their sweet smells
infusing the air. I saw few people, some socially-distancing, others not quite.
The barriers around our parks sadden me and I hope that temporarily losing
our ability to enter them will urge us to think about being more protective
once we can safely return. We need to remember that Mother Nature needs
our cooperation in order to provide us with the clean oceans we enjoy. In
the end, we will all win if we do our part.

Mother’s Day is being celebrated in the U.S. and many other countries in the
world today. It is certainly going to be different as hugs cannot be given!
Motherhood isn’t always perfect. There are many with complicated relationships,
Moms who have lost their children, and lots of us whose Moms watch us from
heaven. All our stories are unique and special but we all began the same way,
arriving safely in the world thanks to our Mom. I am grateful for my children
and while getting together in person today is impossible, I trust our internet
will allow me a few minutes later for a cyber greeting! Happy Mother’s Day!

Have a great day and a wonderful week, Marietta

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