Live to Tell

Dear Friends,

The rainy season has arrived and with it the verdant greenery that calms
and rejuvenates my spirit. Take a break from whatever you are doing now,
close your eyes, breathe deeply. Enjoy a small mental vacation that takes
you to back to a time in the recent past when we could go out, stretch and
feast in the gifts of Nature. Try to recall the tiniest details, those that were
taken for granted, the ones you didn’t realize you would miss, the ones you
appreciate now more than ever.

At the start of this Covid-19 journey we had no idea how this new global
circumstance would unfold. After almost three months of restrictions many
of us are disillusioned with humanity’s collective inertia as we witness the
unethical responses of many elected world leaders. In spite of everything,
I seek and find many stories that focus on ways in which communities are
recognizing and defending the importance of the millions of people who
are the essential workers we depend on.

The Ministries of Health everywhere are doing their duty by providing guide-
lines for minimizing spread of a virus that is running an unpredictable course.
We need to do what we can to assist them by staying safe from an illness that
seems to respect no boundaries. Now is the time for us to focus on ways that
might help correct inequalities once this crisis is under control, which it will
be. Many of us are tempted to throw in the towel right now, tired of being
cooped up, wondering if following restrictions is making any difference at
all. I urge us to stay strong, and do what we can to use this time constructively.

This is Memorial Day weekend in the U.S. Memorial Day honors military
service members who died in battle. It is traditionally also the unofficial start
to summer. Many people will be tempted to go outdoors; hopefully they will
respect social distancing and group limits. It is a challenge worldwide to deal
with the anxiety as well as the excitement as countries begin to lift controls.
My rational (I hope) faith in the human spirit encourages me to believe that
most of us will continue to say “Yes!” to life and respond appropriately in the
present so we can live long enough to tell about this chapter in the future.

Have a great day and a safe week, Marietta

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