A World In Constant Flux

Dear Friends,

The warm breeze brushing my arm is comforting. Across the unending sky
I observe a pandemonium of parrots as they fly in unison. My ears need
not strain to hear their wild mayhem that stops suddenly as the birds move
to another place and disappear from view. In this moment, it feels like every
other Sunday. I have had my breakfast. The sun is shining. The grass covers
the lawn. I stretch in gratitude, preparing myself mentally for another stay-in
day. I breathe in and out. I ponder deeply on the content I will offer today.

The last two months have brought us singular opportunities to examine our
state of mind. From the sidelines, most of us have witnessed turbulent days
of unrelenting anxiety, increased helplessness and overwhelming sadness.
We have now entered a new phase where peaceful protests in the U.S. turned
into full-blown riots that have claimed lives, destroyed property and exposed
long-buried resentments and hard truths that we must face collectively and
work to correct.

I find serenity in the simple tasks of making the bed, doing the laundry and
watering my plants. While undertaking the mundane, I am able to concentrate
on ways in which I, personally, might contribute to returning to a sense of
peace and safety in my immediate circle of influence. The world outside my
influence is entombed in a hatred poised to level societal structures and the
institutions that are meant to keep order and peace. People are swept up in
the irrational actions that come from not thinking, from a mob mentality.

During the course of my lifetime, despite setbacks, I have been blessed with
a kind of temperamental optimism. This is not to say that I don’t believe that
evil exists, because I do. It is just that the sheer joy I experience from waking
up every day overrides any temptation to go into a deep corner of my psyche
that houses sadness and stay there very long. I don’t apologize for that or for
the invitation I offer you every Sunday to explore with courage and hope the
ways in which we can offer the best of ourselves to a world in constant flux.

Have a safe, indoors Sunday and an excellent week, Marietta

2 thoughts on “A World In Constant Flux

  1. Very nicely said! Thank goodness for your positive attitude. It hurts my soul to see what’s happening with the protests and destruction. One by one we can maintain our joy and positivity and help to bring the message of goodness, acceptance, and hope. Thank you for writing, Dear One.

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