An Auspicious Moment for Change

Dear Friends,

I’ve spent the last few minutes observing the shuddering of the lush, green
branches on the guava tree below. I am curious to see what kind of bird is
making them sway and reach for my camera. Suddenly, I catch a glimpse
of a pair of squirrels as they scurry along in search of ripe fruit. Once they
find some, they feast with abandon, discarding half-eaten fruit and moving
on to another. I breathe deeply, grateful that in this indistinguishable soup
of days, I can count on Nature to remind me of permanent seasonal change.

Like most Saturdays, I went out briefly yesterday. Most restaurants are now
permitted to open on weekends and they are doing so cautiously in our little
community. I was inspired by what I saw in terms of the small clusters of
people interacting and for the most part maintaining social distancing and
wearing masks appropriately. There was an uplifting feeling in the air. I
experienced unexpected delight when I spotted friends I haven’t seen in a
while. Although we exchanged greetings from a distance, we did connect.

The beginning of the week, with reports of burning and destruction, made
me feel that the world was falling apart and that even an eternal optimist
like me could not afford to ignore the call to action. The original purposes
of the protests were clear: justice for George Floyd (and the many others
whose lives were cut short) and real changes to police practices. By the
end of the week, I saw a new scene. It has been an awakening that has not
only affected the U.S. but is touching people worldwide. It is long overdue.

New York State’s Phase 1 reopening will begin tomorrow. Along with that,
one very important issue that will be addressed is a reform agenda in law
enforcement. The momentum that has been building has led to this unique
moment to promote real change. I am committed to begin my own reform
agenda, taking my personal inventory (not without chagrin) because I have
a responsibility to educate myself. The protests must result in something
durable. Like with Covid-19, we are all in this together. Superficial cheering
serves no real purpose but continued peaceful endurance and hard work do.

Have a great day and a wonderful, healthy week, Marietta

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