Towards Real Change

Dear Friends,

It’s a quiet, hot morning where I am. The June rains have assured the grass
that it’s time to revive. The purples and reds in the blooming flowers add to
the stained-glass perfection of Nature’s canvas. Everything is bursting with
color and energy, transformation is in the air. The world-at-large is joining,
with its whole heart and soul, the important events that have challenged us
for many weeks. We are living in times of collective and individual growth.
I breathe deeply and wonder what future historians will make of this time.

Many of you have expressed your frustration with the restrictions imposed
in your different geographical locations. While I do understand that it is in
our nature to push against anything that feels like a barrier to our right to
move freely, I also believe we need to trust that those decisions have been
well-considered. We have reached the point where, when some restrictions
were lifted, people behaved as though they were suddenly immune to the
virus, forgetting all about the social distancing that must still be followed.

The helplessness, heartache and sorrow evident in the faces of health-care
workers is hard to bear, just like watching or reading the stories of families
who have lost loved ones and cannot say goodbye or bury them properly.
We will not be in this place forever, but we are here now and are called on
to make the best personal decisions we can in our particular situation. Stay
informed with trusted sources. Monitor your inner state and aim for calm
clarity. Inner self-care is always in our power to practice.

It is hard not to acknowledge the protest meetings and demonstrations that
are unfolding in every corner of the country. The average age of the protest
organizers is between 16-30. One might argue that this “unrest” is just the
normal defiance typical of youth against institutions and authority. When
we listen to the voices, however, we can appreciate that these are attempts
to address the deeply-rooted prejudices that have built barriers for decades
and have prevented generations from experiencing justice and equality. It
is time to listen with true humanity to the needs of the time and to act with
the moral capability required for real change and healing.

Have a wonderful day and a peaceful week, indoors, Marietta

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