Father’s Day in Covid-19 Times

Dear Friends,

Greetings on this day that began for me with a mix of sun and clouds. The
birds are quiet. The fields are overloaded with vibrant colors that contrast
with the greens of the freshly-mowed lawn. I recall that just a few weeks
ago, the grass was brown and crisp; the dry season seemed endless then. As
I stretch my limbs and breathe in the morning air, I am filled with gratitude
that I have another day, a new opportunity to celebrate being alive and well.

Today is Father’s Day in most of the world. We celebrate the special men in
our lives for their contribution to our families and to our communities. The
focus on them today is a great time to acknowledge that we would not be
here without them regardless of the status of the relationship at present. As
world events unfold, it is more vital than ever that we spend a few minutes
remembering all the good times we have forgotten, a chance to send love,
compassion and forgiveness if necessary.

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed our lives. Many families have lost a
loved one, perhaps the father with whom they will not be able to celebrate
today. There are many blessed families whose recovered dads will surely
celebrate a day they will never forget. We are all in this together. We will
eventually be on the other side of this pandemic. Until we get to the other
side, it is vital that we stay positive and remember that our attitude in the
face of every event can determine how we get through the hard times.

Time and good health are precious commodities that we must safeguard. The
days of restrictions brought home the reality of my inevitable mortality. Death
comes whether we think about it or not. This time of shared vulnerability is a
perfect one to help us build stronger communities. That work has begun all
over the world. Our collective belonging has never been more apparent. We
are being summoned to learn from past mistakes, to correct our path so that
present and future generations can live in a world more favorable to everyone.

Have a wonderful indoors day and a safe week, Marietta

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