A Reason For Optimism

Dear Friends,

I step on the terrace. My eyes rest on the mountains that silently stand in
the background. Below me swarms of colorful butterflies flutter joyfully
and feast on the lantana flowers rich with nectar. I enjoy watching them as
they spread their wings and gather warmth from the morning sun. The lush
greenery takes my breath away. I am grateful to be embraced by Nature’s
goodness, so abundant in the rainy season. Stretch, breathe and prepare to
live another good day, indoors if possible.

We have concluded the first part of an unusual 2020. During the last few
years the end of June has prompted me to review my goals for the year to
measure my progress. It was also a time when the semi-annual assembly
at the Hogar de Ancianos took place; a time when we had the opportunity
to report our activities to the community and plan the events for the rest
of the year. This Covid-19 restrictive reality paused those normal things.
We have not been able to meet in person, although our teleconferences
have been remarkably productive. Thank goodness for the internet!

Transformative, subtle and radical changes are taking place worldwide.
Each day’s situation reports on the pandemic’s progression remind me
how easy it is to take things for granted. As I make my personal choices
of how to live with or adapt to this new normal, I am increasingly aware
of the noble acts of selflessness in evidence with the support or lack of
it from world leaders in any given country. I admire the caregivers of
our local Hogar who weave together the directives they receive and have
kept all our residents, the most vulnerable population, free from the virus.

We begin another week of restrictions. Although we have been living this
way for what seems like a long time, this is still a new virus. We need to
work together to get through this, sacrificing our desires so that we can
keep facilities from being overwhelmed. Our world is interconnected, it
is clearer than ever that the road ahead calls for us to work in solidarity
and unity. We are responsible not only to ourselves but to the broader
community. I am confident that we can succeed if we remain focused
and engage in prevention practices as a normal way of life presently.

Have a terrific day and a safe week, Marietta

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