Hope Peeks Through

Dear Friends,

The fragrance that surrounds me awakens me to the morning without the
need for an alarm clock. I rise slowly, aware that there are burdens to face,
darkness to embrace as we navigate these times. I am grateful to be here,
alive, able to move, to stretch, to breathe. I recognize the power of Nature.
It brings me exhilarating moments that cannot be willed into existence by
my wishes alone. As I plan for another day indoors, I think of all of us and
the challenges we are managing.

The increase in hospitalizations and deaths in Costa Rica has alarmed me. In
March when the daily briefings began and the Minister of Health informed us
of plans to add ICU beds in the hospitals, I naively believed there would be no
need for such preparations. I am sometimes guilty of blind optimism. The cynic
in me was buried when my children were born. I did not anticipate the many
catastrophic events that have brought us to this point. An inhospitable world
was a movie screenplay, not anything that would happen in real life, I thought.

The world needs mending on countless fronts now. We need to show up with
courage, compassion and wisdom. Most of all, we need to bring integrity and
a positive attitude to withstand the profound sorrow and grief that threatens to
overwhelm us on a daily basis. On my quick errands yesterday, I was pleased
and comforted to see few cars on the road, most businesses closed and all
pedestrians wearing their protective masks in the shops I visited. We are doing
our best to adapt to hopefully temporary (if extended) measures.

I received a picture of a friend’s 8-month-old granddaughter a few days ago. I
met the baby when she was just a few weeks old. The changes are amazing. I
had an immediate sense of hope when I saw her beaming smiles. The promise
of a future visit and thinking of other common joys to be experienced cheered
me. Our political passion and righteous rage have a place. Many wrongs have
been set right and continue to be addressed because of activism. All sides need
to harness hopefulness soon so that effective solutions can be brought about.

Have a great Sunday and a terrific week, Marietta

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