An Apple Pie Story

Dear Friends, I am greeting a very quiet morning. There is a gentle breeze brushing past me. The sky is a light-blue canvas filled with puffball-white scattering clouds. My eyes are taking in the vivid shades of green that comprise the juicy grass below that the birds pluck for seeds. On the colorful flowering lantana … Continue reading An Apple Pie Story

Will Kindness and Empathy Go Viral?

Dear Friends, I am gazing out on a landscape that is covered in a thick fog. Through the fog, several mountain peaks can be perceived in the far distance. The fog and the clouds commingle with the horizon. Although I prefer the warm, clear mornings, I appreciate the contrast because it allows me to focus … Continue reading Will Kindness and Empathy Go Viral?

Nature Repeats its Story

Dear Friends, The morning is silent. I am becoming accustomed to the stillness that is interrupted only by the intermittent breezes that move the branches on the nearby trees. If I look closely, I can spot the tenacious squirrels expertly leaping from tree to tree. These inquisitive and persistent animals have learned to circumvent obstacles … Continue reading Nature Repeats its Story