Returning to Calm

Dear Friends,

I am greeted this morning by a pale blue sky, cool air sweeping past every
few seconds and the tranquility of a noiseless neighborhood at this early
hour. It is a perfect time to breathe while I move my body in gratitude for
all that I behold. I invite you to join me today in allowing the sights and
sounds of Nature to cheer you from wherever you can enjoy them. In my
case, I can enjoy the vibrant flowers of the African Tulip tree (spathodea
campanulata) and the constantly moving white butterflies that thrive here.

We are still adjusting to a new normal, uniting on issues that affect us all
while doing our best not to become the prey of a dark and vicious energy in
the air. It is dangerously contagious to watch endless videos and read the
reports of street violence worldwide. We need to pay attention and interpret
reactions to the crises so we can personalize the role we are called on to play.
Our participation is necessary but we must protect our mental faculties so we
can bring the best of ourselves to the discussion.

Today is the celebration of the Virgin of Los Angeles, Patron Saint of Costa
Rica. Normally hundreds of thousands of pilgrims would have made their
way to Cartago to pay their respects for favors granted or sought. This year,
however, the massive nature of the pilgrimage has forced its cancellation as
confirmed by health and church authorities. This year the pilgrimage was to
be made virtually and hopefully people lived their faith at home. This helps
ensure the safety and well-being for us all as we begin another month.

Last week I participated in the “Zoom” birthday celebration of a dear friend.
The group consisted of about 30 participants who have known her for many
years. The positive connection of the group is the result of sharing adventures
and enjoying the unique talents (singing, cooking, telling jokes particularly
well, etc.) each person contributes to the relationship. The Zoom call was a
nice reminder to me that in celebrations as well as in current crises, we bring
unique gifts that can help us create positive change. There is no time to waste.

Have a wonderful day and a terrific week, Marietta

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