The Commitment to a Cheerful Attitude

Dear Friends,

Good morning to you on a quiet Sunday in Atenas. I stood on the terrace for a
few minutes earlier, gazing at the panoramic vista before me. I am filled with
gratitude for the permanence of Nature’s bounty in my town and for my ability
to appreciate it. Stretch and breathe. Free your mind from the internal struggle
for a minute. Remember you own your thoughts. Every minute you spend in a
mental battle is a minute you could have spent rejuvenating. Time flies for us
all, investing in our mental health daily is of utmost importance.

As we enter another week of disruption to our routines, it is important for us
to notice how we are spending our days. Without our schedules, many of us
feel a little lost. We are being given time to fill. Many of us have discovered
the joys of baking. Others are absorbed with the humming birds in their back-
yards. In this rather chaotic time, it is vital that we seek out the goodness and
generosity of life which is still there. One gift during this pandemic has been
our ability to have longer and more fulfilling phone calls with those we love.

Yesterday was Mother’s Day in Costa Rica. Traditionally it is a day marked
by get togethers or taking moms out to busy restaurants. In keeping with the
Covid-19 protocols, however, it was celebrated with a showing of affection
that differed significantly. No one could have anticipated the toll and fatigue
we are experiencing but thankfully technology is our big ally right now with
other ways in which we were able to show our love and appreciation for the
gift of life bestowed on us.

I devoted the last couple of days to sorting through some documents in my
office. Remembering all the committees I belonged to, the activities I recorded
in journals and the endless town hall meetings I attended have provoked some
deep inner dialogues. This inner focus has been a fascinating trip back in time.
I read notes from a decade ago and accept that not very much has changed.
Projects begun with much enthusiasm went nowhere. Years have passed. The
future is still a mystery, and I am a lucky woman. I have a terrace to step out
on, a content and healthy family, and the commitment to a cheerful attitude.

Have a wonderful Sunday and a great week, Marietta

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