One Portrayal of a Locksmith

Dear Friends,

As I begin to compose my greetings on this hazy Sunday morning, I am
aware of the subdued singing originating from the church nearby. Unlike
Sundays in other years, 2020 has been very quiet due to our increasingly
normal Covid-19 days of social distancing and the now-accepted practice
of streaming services to their congregations by most churches in town. I
listen for a minute while gazing at the small swallows that flutter around
in search of food. Their joy and confidence settles my spirit as I breathe
in gratitude for another quiet day at home.

The past six months of mindful reflection have allowed me to identify how
much of my time I was spending on inefficient constant physical activity.
For example, if I went out to do errands and forgot something, it was not a
big deal to go back out the next day to complete the list. These days, I find
myself making a careful analysis of what I need to go out for and following
a well-planned route that will accomplish everything in one trip without
compromising anyone’s health. Careful planning has saved me time and I
have avoided the impulse shopping that happens when I’m not organized.

On Wednesday, I set out with my list which included having some keys
made. I parked my car, put on my mask and headed to the locksmith nearby.
When I got there, I was greeted by an empty locale with a large “For Rent”
sign in the window. It is a familiar sight these days. The attendant at the
shop next door gave me the new address and I decided to venture there on
foot rather than go back to the car. The Atenas heat and humidity made the
mask uncomfortable. I thought about what it must feel like for front-line
workers to wear them all day and stopped my mental whining quickly.

I arrived at the location and saw the door was bolted. I was about to leave
in frustration when the shoemaker next door suggested I call the cell number
listed since the locksmith had just gone out to take care of an emergency. I
took his advice. The locksmith replied that he would be back in 7 minutes. I
decided to wait. In the meantime, a tiny kitten entertained me with endless
attempts to pick a fight with the fronds of a small palm tree. I noticed things
on that little block that I had never seen in the 18 years I have lived here. I
had not even been aware of the existence of the shoemaker’s shop.

When the locksmith arrived (in 7 minutes!), he opened the door to a tiny
space filled with the magical chaos of his trade and more. He needed a few
minutes to comply with the safety protocols, providing me an opportunity to
observe his non-computer-driven environment! I looked around discreetly. I
noticed many toy airplanes and helicopters hanging from his ceiling! When
he saw my interest, he confessed this was his hobby but that he hardly had
time to fly them anymore because people were always needing keys or help
opening locks. In the short time I was there, he shared stories with me that
reinforced my love for our small-town and uncomplicated living.

Have a safe day and a wonderful week, Marietta

picture my own

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