Life’s Third Age

Dear Friends,

I am greeted by a magnificent (if hot!) sun-filled morning. I confess the lush green surroundings of the rainy season always energize me. These days filled with travel restrictions and health protocols have given me permission to plan as little as possible into my waking hours and that has allowed me to enjoy the extra leisure time I can spend on my hobbies. I have been able to nurture my houseplants and enjoy their outstanding flowers. Look around you today. See the goodness that surrounds you and be grateful for all your blessings.

As I begin my message, the quiet is interrupted by the barking of neighborhood dogs (including ours) that alert us to strangers on the road. I reach for my sound-blocking earphones and choose inspiring music that immediately transports me to another dimension. I humbly accept that being annoyed by intermittent noise is not a problem I can’t handle. However the day has started, I have the power to improve my attitude, explore my options and correct a wrong decision. What I lack sometimes is the discipline to see beyond the present to make the change. 

After months of Covid-19 protocols and restrictions, our country is entering a new phase that seeks to reactivate the tourism sector during the end of the year. Although the pandemic has negatively affected the sector, I am optimistic that lessons have been learned and that the reality of deficits in our tourist offers have prompted those in leadership positions in the industry to conceive and reinvent new ways to present our product. The world and our life on the other side of this pandemic will never be the same. We need to have a clear expression of what we want it to be, both in the national and international economic reactivations.

I usually devote some portion of my days to mentally posing existential questions we all ask ourselves from time to time. The questions and answers were clearer when my days were centered on the activities that involved our children. The most important aspects were keeping them safe while guiding them to confidently build meaningful connections as they navigated the world. I am now living what is known as life’s “third age”.  I have been out of the working world for almost three decades even though I consider my past involvement in (pro-bono) activities as employment. I have seriously curtailed my participation in local committees but I am convinced that staying engaged and connected to others is vital to contentment at any age.

Have a wonderful day and a terrific week, Marietta

2 thoughts on “Life’s Third Age

  1. As always, it is delightful to read your uplifting Sunday message. It’s a welcome message to be grateful for the gifts we have in our lives pandemic or no. Yes, it will be fun to see how we have changed on the other side of the pandemic. Thanks for writing!

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