November’s Gratitude

Dear Friends,

It’s a beautiful morning. As I stepped out to the terrance earlier the faint scent of jasmine reached me. The energetic flight of the birds around me directs my eyes to travel over the unending blue sky. The fluffy clouds, white and gray, make me appreciate Nature’s constantly changing gifts. I absorb every detail, gratefully basking in another chance to live a day of possibilities. Breathe and will those mental stressors away, at least for a little while. Remember you are in control of your thoughts every minute of the day. Make them positive.

November, my favorite month, is here! Although I am nostalgic for the fall colors of New York, I love living in this tropical climate that I find crucial for my well-being and life satisfaction. This year’s celebrations will be different but I will reflect on the memories of years past, when we gathered together: family, friends, neighbors reveling in feast and the gift of loving kindness that we shared. We will again celebrate as we did in halcyon days. I look forward to that as I try to live my present reality with acceptance and fortitude.

Despite the trials and tribulations we have had in our world in 2020, we must commit to working to create better days. Human nature’s capacity to persevere has never been more in evidence. I read and hear stories of how today’s youth is stepping up in areas where vulnerable senior citizens used to make up the bulk of representation (poll workers, for example). This caring attitude, leading to a narrowing of the generation gap fills me with pride and confirms my conviction that kindness and caring transcends age. I have witnessed these qualities in the young people who volunteer their time at the local Hogar de Ancianos.

The older I get, the more I realize how important it is to associate with cheerful people. In-person events worldwide have been cancelled, postponed or attended virtually. Our little town has not been the exception, yet I am beginning to see some twinkling, colorful lights in our neighborhood. The lights evoke all sorts of holiday cheer. Knowing that people are keeping these traditions alive, even after months of isolation and uncertainty, makes me feel incredibly festive as I anticipate the December breezes while enjoying November’s gratitude feature.

Have a wonderful day and a terrific week, Marietta

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